Authentic-looking Million Dollar Bill

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These are authentic-looking million dollar bills with unique seals and micro lettering to enhance their look and feel.

Many million dollar bills on the market are novelty products or just photocopies and they look CHEAP! That's not the image you want, is it?

These million dollar bills look, feel (and even smell) like real money

These million dollar bills are printed on one of the most advanced presses in the world. If I were a counterfeiter, this is the printing press I would want to use. Look closely at the million dollar bill picture shown below to see the detail work. (Note: Million dollar bill pictures on the Internet can not begin to show the micro details in these bills.)

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The Million Dollar Bill that delivers
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2. We have been designing, printing and selling a million dollar bill for over 14 years.

3. Over the last 14 years we have tested and changed our million dollar bill design over and over to come up with the design, paper, and printing technique to produce a million dollar bill that looks feels and even smells like real money.

4. BONUS: We put an authentic-looking band around each pack of 100 million dollar bills (just like the bank uses).

5. We offer a 100% Money back guarantee - no questions asked.

6. Fast shipping. We ship most orders the same day the order is received if the order is received by mid afternoon.

7. Single packs of 100 million dollar bills are still only $18.95 with Free shipping.

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Why you don't want custom printing
on your million dollar bills

This type of bill screams "play money" or "fake money." The person you give the million dollar bill to doesn't get to experience the exciting feeling of, "Is this really a million dollar bill?" In other words, it doesn't give you the effect you want.

We have done many tests and the million dollar bill we deliver will give you the WOW factor that you can't get with a million dollar bill that looks like a joke. There's a place for jokes, but not on a million dollar bill.

Some companies sell million doll bills with a sales message on the back of the bill  or with a picture of Obama (or some other public figure) on the front.

Is there a Million Dollar Bill?

YES, there is and we have them. Our million dollar bills are as real as they get.

(Of course, the U.S. government never printed a real million dollar bill so these bills are not real enough to spend, but almost -- and they're 100% legal.)

Million Dollar Bill

Million Dollar Bill

Other companies sell million dollar bills (that don't even look like real money) for $12 to $18 each, but now you can . . .

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3. Order by Mail: Send your order to:

Million Dollar Bills
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Million Dollar Bill

Get your pack of 100 Million Dollar Bills (complete with a band just like the bank uses) on their way to you today.

To get 500 FREE million dollar bills . . .

Select a quantity of 5 packs of 100 bills. You'll pay for only 5 packs, but you will receive 10 packs for a total of 1,000 million dollar bills. You'll be a Billionaire!

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